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Inside the Mind of a Toon

Please mind the falling anvils

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So a little bit about me. My name is Thomas…or Tom…or Tommy. Pick one. Most seem to prefer Tommy. The Tommytoon nickname came as a result of a few crazy nights in which I was entertainment for a few stoned friends. They loved my imitation of Robin Williams/The Genie from "Aladdin". Thus, I became Tommytoon, because I’m THAT far from being a ‘Toon. Just can’t seem to master the anvil landing on my head, though. I keep trying. But I digress…

Much to know, but not...I'm 41, soon to be moving to Ypsilanti...I'm *this* far from being a toon, I'm a DJ with the greatest company ever and part time coffee slinger, a singer, a writer, a guitar owner (I aspire to calling myself a player one of these days), a Guinness-drinking Jameson-swilling kilt-wearing Irishman with NO drinking tolerence level (sad, isn't it?), a kid hopelessly trapped in an adult body, a hopeless romantic, way too emotional for my own good, a music fanatic, an angry liberal, sometime gamer geek, blog WAY too much, a nice guy (with all the positive & negative connotations), a good man (sounds better anyway), Evilest Evil, a former wannabe actor and still wannabe director, a big dreamer, the entertainment director of a pirate ship, a jungle gym for kids, a psychoanalyst without the money or degree, a jailer, a rennie, a good creative foil, a lover not a fighter, a sometime bitterjadedandcynical pessemist, a true neutral character, the devil's advocate, an experimenter, a babysitter, a big brother, a wild and crazy guy, a taurus, a drive-by hugger, a recovering barista, a complete and total sucker and all around general weirdo. Anything else you need to know? Just ask.

Oh yeah...and at 6:43am on October 15th, I became a daddy.

"No, no, they got it wrong. Tommy doesn't have a Peter Pan Complex. Peter Pan has a Tommytoony complex." - my brother-in-law Paul

And just to cover my ass...
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